Veiled Fate Make it Metal Upgrade Bundle


The Make it Metal Upgrade Bundle replaces plastic components in the game with metal, including the following items:
  • 1x Metal City Token
  • 1x First Player Token
  • 1x set of 9 Metal Miniatures
  • 1x set of 9 Metal Renown Trackers

Quotes about Veiled Fate

  • "I wasn't sure that my group would like it, but it was instantaneously a hit: great discussions, great laughs, very engaging, simple.. just fun. I loved it."
  • "IV Games refers to Veiled Fate as a "strategic deduction" game and frankly.... they aniled it! We had a great time I seriously cannot wait to play this game over and over again with friedns and family! It's Gorgeous, players perfectly, and is very approachable."
  • "This is clever. I'm pleasantly surprised by this game."
  • BGG User Anomen
  • @spookygemz
  • Edward Uhler, Heavy Cardboard

Can you hide in plain sight?

A unique combination of strategy and social deduction for anyone who loves table-talk. Use strategic positional play and secret voting to influence the fate of 9 demigods. Discern the motives behind your opponents moves to unravel their plans, while cementing your own.

  • A unique take on two iconic genres

    Veiled Fate mixes the careful planning of mainline strategy games with the player interaction of social deduction games, blending the genres into something we call strategic deduction.

  • Perfect for every game night

    Veiled Fate can be enjoyed as a 2 player duel, 8 player showdown, or anywhere in-between. Small setup changes ensure every player count is balanced and fun.

  • Kind to any personality

    Whether you’re boisterous or reserved, Veiled Fate offers a path to victory. Overt misdirection is equally matched by quiet planning in every game.

Learn the basics of Veiled Fate

Watch this 2-minute video for a quick overview of the rules and gameplay of Veiled Fate.

An introduction to gameplay

Veiled Fate is easy to learn, but hard to master. The game supports 2-8 players and typically takes 60-120 minutes to play depending on player count and experience.

A secret lineage

At the beginning of the game, each player is secretly assigned a demigod. This demigod is your offspring, kept secret from the other players until the end of the game.

Hide in plain sight

As a celestial being, you have the power to command the movement of all nine demigods. Since the identity of your demigod is known only to you, use positional strategy and influence fate to ensure your heir ends the game with the most renown.

Complete quests and tip the scales of fate

Using fate cards to secretly vote when completing quests allows you shape outcome in the way that's most advantageous for your demigod.

Capture the throne

Each game takes course over three ages. At the end of the third age, the demigod with the most renown ascends to the throne. Will it be yours?

How to play

Learn everything you'll need to know before playing your first game of Veiled Fate in this 15-minute how-to-play video.