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About the studio

Our mission

We want to create great big beautiful things that spark meaningful human interaction

We're a collection of artists and producers working across the mediums of animation, board games, video games, and TV & Film to tell beautiful stories and create unique experiences that lead to lasting memories.

Our Studio Tenets


We want to make great, big things and we believe that’s only possible through a gathering of a growth-minded team behind a common goal.


Every illustration drawn, card designed, and decision made demands an emotional and intellectual price from its creator. We are a place that respects the price and provides the resources necessary for restoration.


We are a place that reveres and respects creators over their creation. Financial, emotional, and artistic security are core elements of having the space to create amazing things.

Why we sell direct-to-consumer

When we started making board games, we quickly discovered that our standards for component quality and the financial margins required for retail distribution weren’t super compatible. Rather than lower our standards or dramatically raise our prices, we accepted a lower-than-standard margin and focused on selling directly to gamers. When you buy directly from us, you support our desire to create the highest quality games possible.

Our History

An animation studio

IV Studio was started in 2012 as an animation studio, working with businesses to bring their brands to life. Over the years, we've grown into a studio that develops projects across animation, tv, board games, videos games... and anything else that sounds fun.

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