Moonrakers: Luminor

A fully cooperative digital expansion

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A free digital expansion

Moonrakers: Luminor

Adventure across a procedurally generated map, attempt multi-tiered narrative driven contracts, build up your ships, hire crew, and face off against an enemy general in the fully cooperative game mode for 1-5 players.

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Same Components, New Game

Luminor takes the components of Moonrakers, and gives you an 
entirely new cooperative game 
mode in which to use them. This means that if you already own Moonrakers, you can go play an entirely new game right now.

Multi-Tiered Narrative Contracts

You and your friends will adventure through the Henko sector and attempt multi-stage contracts 
that each have a unique narrative, inviting you to dive head first into 
the Moonrakers universe.

A Fresh Experience Every Run

We built Luminor with replayability 
in mind. Each time you play, the 
game will generate an entirely new map of contracts. So far we’ve created 25+ contracts, 19 unique locations, and integration with 125+ Moonrakers ship parts and crew.

“We thought Luminor was one of the best 
digital integrations in tabletop to date. 
It adds a self-managing cooperative mode 
that lets you experience the Moonrakers universe in an entirely new way.”

Frances & Anthony | Ant Lab Games

“Luminor brought a new way to physically play an already owned board game, highlighting my favorite aspects of the game like cooperation, running missions and upgrading my deck, while eliminating the mediocre moments.”

Ash Dasuqi | Queer Table Tops

“The app is seamless and guides the player step by step on the mechanics of the game. 
The visual aspect of the game is amazing 
and teleports you into the world that 
only a digital platform can accomplish.”

Anthony Moss | Board Game Empire

Discover Luminor

Scenario 001

The Henko Sector

Fight alongside the Moonrakers to stop the UA generals from accomplishing their goals.

Scenario 001

Branching Mission Progression

Proceedurally generated maps let your choose the mission progression that best suits your deck builds.

Scenario 001

Defeat Powerful Enemies

From rogue Moonrakers to UA generals, clearing the Henko sector isn't without hazards.

A fresh solo/duo experience

Moonrakers already has a 1-2 player game mode, and Luminor takes it to the next level. The narrative-driven progression of Luminor scales to every player count and give solo and duo players the same exceptional gameplay experience as larger groups.

New scenarios in development

Digital expansions open up the world of Moonrakers to exciting board game content to be created without shipping anything through the mail. Additional Luminor scenarios are already in development.

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Moonrakers: Luminor FAQ

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Unravel the secrets of the UA and foil their plans in the Henko sector.

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