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"The best collection of expansions to any 
game I've ever played. It's out of this world!"

Derek Funkhauser, Board Game Spotlight

“Moonrakers was already a fantastic game, and 
the expansions managed to take what I loved 
about the game and elevate it even more - but without weighing it down at all. I don't see 
myself playing without at least one or two of 
them from here on out.”

Daniel Burrell, Play the Game

“Each expansion adds a unique way to enjoy an already great game, and opens Moonrakers up to a wide variety of player styles.”

Frances and Anthony, Ant Lab Games

“Moonrakers is one of my absolute 
favorite games of all time. It's 
delightfully complicated, yet easy to 
teach. It has complex deck building, but 
also relies heavily on table negotiation.”

Becca Scott, Good Time Society

“Moonrakers is a clever semi-cooperative 
deck-builder, and each expansion builds 
upon that foundation beautifully. The new content has quickly elevated it to a top 
5 game for my group.”

Kristin Reichstein, Tabletop Mom

“Moonrakers was already a masterpiece of a game, somehow it just got profoundly richer. It now has no friction points, even less down time, more riveting social elements, and much more deeply satisfying strategy.”

Ash Dasuqi, Queer Table Tops

It's never not your turn

Most games of Moonrakers take 60-90 minutes

Spend an hour with your favorite person

Most games of Moonrakers take 60-90 minutes


Mind-blowing head-in-hands despair, comical $@*#!&% anger, uncontrollable belly laughter, disbelief-filled tears, and ear-to-ear smiles.

Also known as a game of Veiled Fate with your friends

The second-most fun you can have with another person 🧐

A challenging 2-player experience in which you're always trying to find the best position.

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